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In the Sporades island group, the island of Skiathos is the closest to the mainland, at 41 nautical miles from the city of Volos. The area of ​​the island is 48 km2, about 12 km (7 miles) long and 6 km (4 miles) wide on average. The main town is Skiathos (population 4.883 in 2011), situated in the eastern part of the island.

According to one theory, the name of Skiathos comes from the Shadow of Mount Athos. Skiathos has been inhabited since prehistoric times, probably by Pelasgians and later by Cretans. However, it is known that the island suffered a lot from pirate raids. The phenomenon of piracy continued both during the brief Venetian occupation and during the Turkish occupation. Skiathos had a significant contribution with its navy in the Greek Revolution of 1821 and was part of the first Greek state.

Skiathos has rich vegetation and many beaches with the most famous being Koukounaries ,  Banana , Small and  Big Aselino ,  Megali Ammos , Lalaria ,  Vromolimnos  Kanapitsa, Tsougria island  ,  Troulos, Agia Paraskevi, Mandraki, Port of Xerxes, Agistros, small and large Kechria, Mega Gialos, Xanemos, etc.

In front of the entrance of the port there are small islands, the main of which are: Mikros Tsougrias, Megalos Tsougrias, Marangos, Arkos, Aspronisos.

In the port of the city there is Bourtzi, a small peninsula surrounded vegetation and the sea. It was used by the Venetians as a citadel. Its wall and canons remain intact from the 13th century.

The house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, who is one of the most important Greek writers, also known as “the saint of the Greek letters”, is perfectly preserved and functions as a museum in the city. Alexandros Moraitidis, a Greek short story writer, journalist, playwright, translator and essayist, was also born and lived on the island.

There are many old churches and monasteries on the island. One of the most important is the cathedral of the Three Hierarchs which has many sacred relics and icons that come from all the other churches of the island and are kept there. Another interesting church in Skiathos that is worth visiting is the church of Panagia Limnia, where a sanctuary dedicated to the famous writer Alexandros Papadiamantis can be found.

You can also visit the beautiful churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Fanourios. From both of these churches you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city, the port as well as the small green islands that surround Skiathos such as the small and large Tsougrias, Maragos and the island of Arkos.

  • The monastery of Evangelistria is located thirty minutes from the town by car. It has a landscape of unique beauty and is open to the public daily. In the monastery, there is a museum with various objects from the Turkish occupation and a shop where you can get icons, crosses and wine. A small bus takes people to the monastery every day.
  • The monastery of Kounistria is further away from the town and you can only go by private car or on an excursion. The monastery was built on the site where a monk found an icon of Virgin Mary hanging in a tree in the 17th century, hence the name Kounistra (meaning levitation). It was also used as a school during the Turkish occupation. The icon of Panagia Kounistria is located and kept in the sanctuary of the Three Hierarchs in the town of Skiathos.
  • You can also visit the medieval capital of the island in Kastro. Going by boat around the island or by car up to a point and then hiking. Many medieval churches are preserved inside the Castle, the main one being the church of Christ.


  • In many beaches of the island there are Water Sports Schools.
  • There is a Tennis Club Club within the country.
  • In the area of ​​Koukounaries there is a Horse Riding Club and a Diving Center.
  • Hiking and trails. Nature Walks: Skiathos is a very small but picturesque island and has in addition to the beautiful beaches and the clear sea, a very beautiful natural environment with enchanting forests and wetlands. The best and most beautiful way to get to know the beauties of a place is to walk it. Skiathos has, for this purpose, an organized network with at least 25 hiking routes and a length that exceeds 197 km. The paths of Skiathos are marked with good signage (many of them with the love of both the inhabitants and from abroad such as the pioneer in this matter Mr. Ortwin Whitman), with routes vary between 1 and 6 hours.
  • Daily day trips are made from Skiathos to the neighboring islands of Skopelos and Alonissos.


  • Mesostrato, Agia Paraskevi, Phone: (+30) 24270 49535
  • Hermes Restaurant, Kolios, Phone: (+30) 24270 49405
  • Strofilia Restaurant, Koukounaries, Bus stop No 24, Phone: (+30) 24270 49251
  • Villa Rosa Taverna, Troulos,
  • Ricchie e Poveri Restaurant, Town, Mobile: (+30) 6979 553605
  • Tennis Club, Town, Phone: (+30) 24270 24054
  • Kontiki Skiathos Restaurant , Town, Phone : (+30) 24270 21857, Mobile : (+30) 6932 540290

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